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How to buy

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Days Price (USD) Price (KRW)
10 Days  19.99  20,000
30 Days  39.99  40,000
90 Days  99.99  100,000



Payment Method





Global Support, USD

Bank Transfer

Korea Only, KRW

Culture Gift card

Korea Only, Fees charged, KRW


How to pay with Paypal


Paypal is fastest payment method. Sign up on Auth Site and progress payment on Paypal menu. Payment will be completed within a second.

Notices: Please do not leave page or exit the browser before seeing the "Paypal payment has been completed." on our site. It makes payment proceed abnormally.

How to pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is available all around the world and it is the safest.Pricing shall be alternated by the selling price and prices may vary according to the Exchange Rate. If you want to buy with bitcoin, check this website.

Notices: Bitcoin payment may take longer. This is related to Bitcoin computational process, which may be delayed up to 2 hours.

How to pay with Bank Transfer

First, for a bank transfer payment, you must send a message to the contacts listed below. We give our account number, and you can simply transfer the money to our account number. However, sent name must be the equal to the name that tells the dictionary.

How to pay with Culture Gift card

Culture gift card payment requires a Culture gift card pin number. After sending the message to a contact from below, simply tell the pin number to us.

Notices: 5,000 KRW of additional fee is required for culture gift card payment. On 90 days plan, 10,000 KRW.


We don’t sell out program, but we rather donate it and allow you to use our program, so most refunds are not available. Seldomly, when the program malfunctions, 3 days refund is available, so please ask for refund within 3 days.

* Bitcoin and gift crad payment is non-refundable.






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[email protected]


*Answers may take up to 24 hours. After contact, please wait a bit.

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