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Soldier: 82


Install & Setting Guide

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Base Key

Caps Lock - programs on / off

Scroll Lock - pre aiming calculation* on / off

Number Lock - Draw on / off

Keyboard ( ` ) - Fast turn

Left and Right mouse click - Auto aim

Square brackets ( [ ), ( ] ) - Change profile

Space double tap - Bunny Hop on / off


* Pre aiming means aiming without HP Bar.


Preinstallation program

This program requires at least version of .Net Framework 4.5.

Windows 10 and 8 are automatically installed but if you don't have, please install from this link.


Also requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 version.

You can download vcredist_x86.exe from here.


Windows Aero must be enabled. Search on Google

If aero is on, you can see preview for program when you Hover the mouse over program on taskbar. Please check it is working like that.


If the screen is set to 16-bit color (High Color), an error may occur in the aero and the program.

Please check this link and make sure you set to 32-bit color (True Color).


If it isn’t running with DirectX error, try installing DirectX SDK from here.

S1023 error: Remove every "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 ~~" on control panel.


Disable other monitor / screen adjust software if you use it like "F.lux".

It can make program work slower or not working.


Setup in-game setting

1. Graphic Reset (Disabe gamma, color, brightness adjust.)

2. Select Borderless window mode

3. Disable Vertical sync and triple buffering

4. Change FPS Limit to Display Based or more.

5. Check Rander Scale is 100%.

6. Set up your mouse sensitivity with next section.


If program can't find HP bar, you need to reset graphic setting in game. It is from gamma, color, brightness adjustment.

The default value of adjust is in the center. Try to make sure.


In full-screen mode, it may not work, make sure to select a borderless window mode.

If your render scale is not 100%, aiming position can be not correct. Please change to 100%.


If your FPS limit is set to 30, the program might not work normally.

Try to change to display based or custom limit over than display based.


Set up mouse sensitivity

You have to make sure mouse sensitivity is correct for program works well.


First, try to press Flick Shot button when you can see enemy HP bar. If flick shot can enemy head correctly, mouse sensitivity is right.

If aiming moved to too far, you have to decrease mouse sensitivity. The opposite case, you have to increase mouse sensitivity.


Please repeat adjust mouse sensitivity until flick shot can hit enemy head.


Basic use

This program only working when Caps Lock is on. If you click left mouse button, the program start to follow the enemy. In this case, the enemy must have HP bar.

When Scroll Lock is on, you can use Pre aiming. Click mouse wheel, and it try to pre aim with Flick Shot. When Scroll Lock is off, it just works as flick shot.


Fast Turn button( ` ) is dependent on the mouse sensitivity and PC settings. Try to change fast turn value until turn is accurate.

Please enter the game after the test in training room.


Try to check resolution document of the error, if you have any problem.


16-bit color mode

If you using windows 10, try to select 16bit color on Properties - Compatibility tab. If you using other os, try to select 16 bit color on windows screen setting.

And than, you can uncheck Draw FOV on login window. It will make program to 16bit mode.


You can not use draw on 16 bit mode, but program can work faster than 32bit on low-performance computer.


Search Box Adjust

You can set the screen range that program will scan. If you set smaller, program can scan faster. You need to set smaller, if you have bad computer. (You can find best setting value on image at the top.)If you set bigger, scan speed is slower but it can find distant enemy from aiming point.


If you adjust the settings, you can see scan range on game image.


Aim X / Y adjust

This program, are manufactured to standards of 1080p, in other resolutions, there is a case where the position of the aim is slightly different.

Aim point can be different on other resolutions, because this program was created in 1080p. In this case, try to change Aim X / Y adjust until it is accurate.

If you increase the value of X, the aim is to move to the right, and move to the left if set lower. If you increase the value of Y, the aim is more to the body, and move to the head or higher if set lower.


If you want to aim to the body, try to increase the value of Y.

Also S / L means, Short range and Long range.


Humanize Aiming

If it is unchecked, it ignores the aiming options and use built-in humaizer. It is optimized for short range. (Improve chase on short range.)

However user set humaizer (checked) can faster than built-in humaizer on some computer, please test it and use better one.


Aiming Move variation

You can adjust aiming move distance with this value. If you decrease this value, aim will be slower, and if you increase, aim will be faster.

Normally, do not modify this value. Only adjust if aim is too slow or you can not solve shaking problem.


Aim smoothly level

Aim smoothness level chooses the speed of the aim. As it increases, the aim gets smoother, but the speed will be slower.

If the fastest speed is wanted, please set it to 0


Anti shaking level

Anti shaking level can decrease spin or shaking problem. You can set 1 ~ 100 value.

Try to set any value and check it on training room.


Aim reaction distance

Ignore enemy far than this value. For example, if you set 150 this value, porgram ignore the enemy if distance is more then 150 from center.

You need to increase when you playing McCree, Widow, Reaper and Tracer.


* This value is showed red circle on screen.


Always Draw On

If you can not use Number Lock Key like notebook, check Allways Draw On setting.

It can show draw allways ignore number lock key.


Aim Draw Cross / Aim Draw Square



Left is cross draw and right is square draw.


Fast Turn

When press Fast Turn Key ( ` ), turn back specifying value. That value can different by mouse sensitivity, so please change that value until fast turn is accurately.

( ` ) is same as ~ key.


Allways Aim Chase

Track enemy without mouse click.


L / R mouse button

Track enemy with checked mouse button.


Extra Aim Key

Track enemy with selected button.


Flick shot

You can change Flick shot button. Default is mouse whell and you can change to mouse right click, mouse 4 and 5 button.

Mouse 4 and 5 button mens next image:


By using Move Variation, the users can control the range of flick shot. The higher it is, the longer the range is, and Vice Versa.
I strongly recommend using default setting.


Program activate toggle

This key can make program is off or on without Caps Lock.

If you set key to Q, program will disabled when you are using ultimate and you can use that without program aiming.


High / Normal / Low performance

If you have FPS drop, try to set performance to low. It will make program slower and disable real-time calculation to fix FPS drop problem.


You use high-end computer, you can set performance to high. It is same as old version. Set process priority to high and include real-time calculation.

But high performance does not mean better speed. Please starting from normal performance, and only use high performance when you know what it is.


Burst Fire

You can use burst fire for soldier 76. Try to check left checkbox to use this function and you can setup burst fire key on listbox below.


Fire value is how long you press the left click. 0.1 is same as 1 shot and best value is 0.3 as 0.5.

Hold value is delay between every shot. Best is 0.3.


Do not enable both burst fire and flick shot, If burst fire key is same as flick shot key.


Trigger (Triggerbot)

Trigger bot automatically shoots the opponent when they are in the aim. The users can set a key with the box below. With default setting, it only shoots when the key is pressed, but by checking the toggle box, users can make it on and off. To play Widowmaker, delay box must be checked in order to play it properly.Also, when using triggerbot, change the color of the aim to any other color other than white.


Multiple HP bar check

Prevent shaking when you can see more than 2 HP bars. If you use this option, scan speed may slower a little.





Aim XY control select

If you change this options, aim will only move selected axis.



Aim support apply to chase

This option will make normal aiming can chase without HP bar if you turn on Aim support (Scroll Lock) funcion.

However, this option has very large computation. It may not working on some computers.


Pixel Search Direction2

Just a debug option.


Flick shot press select

If you change this option, flick shot may press selected key after moved. You can select this like shift (roadhog grab).


Allied aim toggle (Ana bot)

If you check this option, program will aim to teammates. This is very good for Ana.

Also you can select toggle key with select box under that option.

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