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Soldier: 82


Program Introduce

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  • Support every resolution.
    • All resolutions from 1280x720 to 4K are supported.
  • Triggerbot function.
    • It has a triggerbot function that automatically shoots when enemies come.
    • It works best at medium range, and is optimized for short-haired heroes such as McCree.
  • Flick shot function.
    • It has a flick shot function that move very fast to enemies to shoot.
    • This is also optimized for one-shot heroes, and you can choose the humanize option.
  • Mouse movement humanizer
    • This program has special mouse movement logic to implement human-like aiming.
    • It is effective well in kill cam and POTG.
  • Bunny hop (auto jump) function.
    • It has a bunny hop function that automatically jumps continuously.
    • This feature makes it easy to move smoothly and hard to aim.
  • Support 16 / 32 color.
    • Unlike other program, we support 32-bit color normally.
    • It depends on the computer, but if it is a specification, I recommend that you play in 32 bit color mode.
  • Burst Fire for Soldier 72.
    • It can support burst fire with soldier 72. It has excellent effect on middle to long range fight.
  • Draw function.
    • It can draw program status, HP bar search area, enemy position, trigger bots, etc on game.
    • This option makes it easy to on / off, and it will support your gameplay.
  • Fast turn (turn back) function.
    • Supports the turn feature that was seen in other FPS games.
    • You can turn right back, so it is much easier for find enemy that enter from behind.
  • Support Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.
    • It supports virtually every OSs that can run overwatch, so there is no restriction on using it on various computers.
    • * Windows Server is not supported.
  • Multiple profile function.
    • Provides multi-profile capability to save by heros or usage-specific.
    • It is easy to change with [, ] button, so you can change hero freely.
  • Ana bot.
    • Program can aim to teammates for ana healing.
    • You can on / off this function easily with toggle key.



About Soldier 82.

Soldier 82 is currently the fastest pixel / screen search aimbot for Overwatch. It is developed using a professional programming language. It is not developed using AHK (Auto Hot Key), which makes it much safer than other options on the market. This is a screen search aimbot, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your account will be safe as long as you use the bot responsibly!


About humanizer.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this bot is the humanizer, which helps protect our customers and hide the aimbot. While the aimbot may look “jumpy” or like your aim is “teleporting” on your screen, it will look like smooth tracking on all kill cams and plays of the game. The humanizer simulates mouse movements to create this effect. 


When you are using the aimlock on just one target, the bot is virtually undetectable. The only thing that may arouse suspicion is when there are several targets with health bars in front of you and the bot quickly switches between them. This happens because the bot uses health bars to lock onto targets. This isn’t practical for killing targets because it’s usually best to just focus people down one at a time. Luckily, you can easily get around this by binding the main aimlock function to a mouse button which allows you to conveniently toggle it on and off. 


If you prefer to leave the aimlock on, you can also adjust the ignore distance in our GUI. This will make the bot ignore targets that are further away, so you can just focus down targets which are close to you.


The aimlock speed and settings are fully adjustable using our graphic user interface!


About performance.

The bot can search your screen every 0.005 seconds. That is about 200 times per second!
This means that you can track targets almost instantly.


* This performance is based on your computer performance.


Please read.

This is not a framework hack or internal cheat.


Please note that the “Aim without HP bar” feature is still in development.

It is not perfect now, but I am working hard to improve it and am constantly releasing new versions of the software for my customers to download!


Remember. This is not a memory scan hack and it's performance is based on computing power.

The aiming can not same as video because every computer has different mouse speed and performance. I try to improve everything even now.


If you want to check our Terms of Service, click next link. ToS

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