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[Event] Referral Event

Admin 2016.11.17 Views : 612



What is this?

If you make payment after entering referral id, you can get 10% free license time.

Suggested events can only be entered once at the first time, and referrers must have payment history.


This is only for new payments, and it is also possible to recommend among existing users!



How can I?

It is really simple.


Enter referral when sign up or login auth site and enter referral.

If you use paypal payment, just check "Referral Event" and progress payment. If you use other payment, just tell me about this.


After payment, you can see the referral and extra licenseadded on the list.



Are there any cautions?

This event is always ongoing but may end without notice.
Also the payments with referrer events are non-refundable.



If you have any questions, please contact us.