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Soldier: 82


[Postponed] Share your best play!

Admin 2016.11.17 Views : 566



Share your best play and be the first!

Note: Not mean POTG.


Please share the best clip of playing with Soldier 82.

Excellent aime, the better the scene will get higher score, and the first one can get a 3 month license and an overwatch original key!


Join now!!


Event period

From November 17, 2016 to November 27, 2016, 23:59:59 KST.



Prize list



3 Months License

Overwatch original key



3 Months License




1 Month License


Participation Award


7 Days License



Selection is based on play difficulty, game rank (play score), and edits.

Overwatch original key will be send with game codes that can be registered with Blizzard.


Participation awards will be added in bulk after confirmation.


How to join

Record your overwatch game play with program draw.

The draw must be visible. Use screen recording instead of DirectX recording.


The video size must be 16:9.


You can edit the part that you think is the best play including about 10 ~ 20 seconds before and after, or send email with gameplay video and the time of the beste play.

Please do not edit video image (hide nickname etc.). When it is used for publicity, it will be edited.


If you upload it by editing, there is an additional point. Edit mean cut best play part on whole play video.

You can upload videos using youtube, mega or google drive, etc.


You can also send via messenger. In this case, please be sure to write in the e-mail.

There is no limit to the number of images. The more is the better!


Email Form

Title: [Event] Best Play Share
Auth ID: soldier82
Blizzard BattleTag: Soldier82#1234
Upload video:
Video link 1
Video link 2


You should send it in this format.


Mail is [email protected]


Please read

  • We never upload your battletag or nick name.
  • If we can not see the draw on video, you will not be participated. Be sure to record the video with program draw.
  • If you play in AI, you may not be participated. Please proceed it in the quick play or the rank game.
  • If there is any problem on the video, you may not be able to participate. Please make sure to record it normally.
  • Be sure to add [Event] to the mail subject, because we process through mail classification. If not, you may not be participated.
  • Please make sure that your videos are better than YouTube standard quality. If quality is too bad, you may not be participated.
  • If video include any watermark, you may not be participated.